Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Random Panels has entered hibernation mode, but will return....Sometime. Possibly all changified and whatnot. Hopefully for the better.

Meanwhile you can browse through the archives AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!

That's right! Enjoy weeks of posts you might not have ever wanted to read ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

With but the mere click of a button you can instantly find out hardly anything you've never wanted to know about such fascinating topics as:

2001 52 Alan Davis Albino Squirrel Alex Toth All Star Squadron Amanda Waller American Heroes Angel and the Ape Animation Apes Art Adams Asimov Atlas Awesomeness Awfulness Badassery Balls Batman Beards Ben Grimm Berni Wrightson Best Laid Plans and All That... Big Heads BILL-HOOKS Bloody Frogs Bob Rozakis Boneclaws Books Captain America Captain Marvel Celebrity Lookalikes Centurions Charles Burns Cheeseburgers Civil War Clan Destine Class Warfare Clowns Comic Economics ComiCon Creepy D-Day Dance Party Darkseid DC Death Jr. Death-Traps Delphinidaphobia DEO Dick Dillin Did You Know... Disturbing on a Level Hitherto Unimagined Doc Terror Doom Doom Patrol Dr. Destiny Dr. Strange Drugs Are Bad E. Nelson Bridwell EC Eeewww Evolution Excessive Violence Favorites FF Fictional Documents Fictional Maladies Flash Floating Heads Fratricide via Watercooler Fun Activities Furries Galactus Gibberish GIMPShop Golden Age Gorilla Man Green Lantern Grodd Hal Jordan Happy Holidays He-Man Hiatuseses... Hitting Stuff Horsies Hostess Hulk Humiliation Via Pie Imaginary Comics Incredibly Suggestive Interpretive Hawk-Dance Invincible ISB It's Science Jimmy Olsen JLA John Severin Joker JSA Judge Dredd Just Another Crisis Kamandi Kirby Lameness Linda McCartney Links Little Lulu Lockjaw Mad Thinker Manga Manhunter Mark Farmer Marshall Rogers Martian Thought-Poetry Marvel Marvel's Not All Bad Memes Mods Monkeys MS Paint MTIO New Gods New Guardians NEXTWAVE Nickel Hot Dogs Nightcrawler Omega the Unknown Paragraphs Philosophy Photos Poppin' and Lockin' Posters I Never Want to See POTA Predictions Product Placement PSA Ramona Fradon Recipes Red Tornado Review (sort of) Rick Wakeman Robin Robin Sucks Robots Roll Call Rubberized Stockinet Suits Russ Heath Science Secret Identities Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wounds Shadowpact Shaolin Cowboy Skeletal Superheroes Sound Effects Space Jesus Spider-Man Stabbity Jones Stamps Stan Lee Starman Stationery Stereotypes Suicide Squad Supergirl Superman Swipe Teamwork Teen Titans The Atom The End The Floating Head of Commissioner James W. Gordon In Particular The Future The Goon The Many Loves of Dufus P. Ratchet The Next The Struggle That Grows Out of the Interplay of Two Opposing Forces Things Likely to Cause Severe Brain Damage Thor Tim Sale Tony Millionaire Toys Transportation Trends Trojan Emotion Horses True Romance Ultra-Humanite Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters Unnecessarily Detailed Superhero Anatomy US1 Wally Wood Warren Ellis Why I Like Comics Wieringo Wildlife Wolverine WWII X-Men YAAAAAH Zatanna

And feel free to leave plenty of comments. It's a well known fact that a blogger's life is a lonely one, largely free of sunlight, fresh air and anything remotely resembling human contact. So look around, follow some links and keep checking in.

New not-so-original content coming soon.



Blogger Marc Burkhardt said...

I'm emerging from a mini hiatus myself.

Enjoy your rest. We'll still be around when you return!

5/08/2007 11:53 PM

Blogger FoldedSoup said...

Hope to see ya back soon, man!

(Beer *Chink!*)

.. um.. this isn't some kinda "Big Sir won't notice my cry for ransom help" thing, is it?



(extmay for elphex)


5/09/2007 2:22 AM

Blogger googum said...

Great Rao, it would've taken me all month just to set up those links. See you soon!

5/09/2007 9:49 AM

Blogger SallyP said...

Go out and smell the flowers, Brandon. We'll all be waiting.

5/09/2007 10:56 AM

Blogger Mark Kardwell said...

Good man. Keep 'er up.

5/09/2007 6:08 PM

Blogger Siskoid said...

See you on the other side!

5/10/2007 4:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5/14/2007 3:24 AM

Blogger HunterEss said...

Holy crimpleskunks blinkmam!

12/06/2007 10:03 PM


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