Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Unconventional Gorilla Warfare

Yes, the bad puns will continue unless you force me to stop... Please force me to stop.

That being said, it's time for our 4th entry in the series that is


Today's primate works as a comic book artist and partner to the smokin' hot judo master and private investigator, Angel O' Day. He's the grandson of yesterday's subject, Gorilla Grodd, and while he works on the side of the angels( seriously, you have to stop me), he won't hesitate to deliver unto you a savage beatdown. He is


And his choice of weapons isn't exactly traditional. He'll use just about anything to kick your ass.

Sam Simeon 6
Hair clippers
Sam Simeon 7
a chair
Sam Simeon 5
one of your friends
Sam Simeon 8
or a big metal door.
Sam Simeon 1
But he's also not afraid to use his head.
Sam Simeon 4

Other weapons in his arsenal include his gorilla charm
Sam Simeon 3
unique vocal stylings
Sam Simeon 2
and groovy fashion sense.
Sam Simeon 9
BONUS GORILLA CONTENT: The most disturbing cartoon you'll ever see.

Sam Simeon 10As Dorian would say, "that's good old fashioned nightmare fuel."

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Blogger Chris Sims said...

There is an absolute need for Showcase: Angel and the Ape. I'm pretty sure they could fit the original, the Phil Foglio mini-series, and the Howard Chaykin mini-series in there, and still have room for a couple issues of Brother Power the Geek, though.

Although considering that Angel O'Day is Dumb Bunny's cousin, maybe the Inferior Five would make more sense...

9/20/2006 8:37 PM

Blogger Brandon said...

I'd love to see that made. I've never read the Phoglio one, but I bought the Chaykin mini-series just for the Art Adams covers. Have to say I prefer the original, though.

Did Oksner do something else besides Angel & the Ape and Bob Hope comics? Jerry Lewis comics maybe? That guy deserves a profile in "Alter Ego" or something.

9/21/2006 9:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The batman crap totally worastened my insomia...

9/21/2006 10:04 AM

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