Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Week Begins!

See Vic kill. Kill, Vic, kill!

vic 12

from "Cold Cuts"- Shock SupsenStories #5, October-November 1952 - Al Feldstein (Script), Jack Davis (Pencils/Inks), Marie Severin (Colors)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon, how ya doin'? It's sure good to be back! I see yer latest blog entry is up to speed. By the way, is the title of the comic really "supsense"?

10/23/2006 4:07 PM

Blogger Brandon Bragg said...

Fine thanks. You?

"Shock SuspenStories ." One of EC's finest.

Where ya been?

10/23/2006 5:13 PM

Blogger Mark Kardwell said...

I'm not the world's biggest EC fan, but I can tell that Jack Davis sure got better over the years.

10/23/2006 5:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm doin' peachy!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneone0ne

My "internets" was down cuz I didn't pay the bill, so I decided to do a little remodeling on my social life (my life outside the internet, or "reality" for you intellectual snobs). Nothing really going on much there. I got laid once or twice *shrugs*...oh, and I once saw midget dressed as an a leprechaun (spelling)! No lie! He was right there in front of me! It was the highlight of the year.

So...what's new with you?

10/23/2006 7:01 PM

Blogger Brandon Bragg said...

Mark: He did indeed. I'm more a fan of his humor stuff, myself.

Oxy: That's awesome! My new job has been eating into my internets time and keeping from seeing that lady who I see every now and again when we pass in the parking lot. The one with the ring. You know...My "wife" or whatever.At least that's what I think she's called. My memory's a little fuzzy.

10/23/2006 7:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people like to call 'em wives, I call 'em full-time hoes.
Part-time hoes: girlfriends
seasonal hoes: chicks you meet for a certain season: summer hoe, winter hoe.
temp-hoes: mistresses

10/23/2006 7:51 PM

Blogger SallyP said...

*Ahem* Boys, don't make me get the flyswatter.

10/24/2006 11:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biy, Jimmy Olsen sure has changed since the 50's.

11/10/2006 2:21 AM

Anonymous afrodisiacos said...

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3/14/2012 5:23 AM


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