Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Like Hailstones With Teeth and Claws

From what I can tell, Omega the Unkown is a lot like E.T. He's a misunderstood alien visitor with poorly defined powers who ends up psychically bonded to some dumb kid. Omega and E.T. both get drunk, speak very little English, and die at the end of the story. Only, Omega doesn't come back to life. And he doesn't levitate any bicycles.

In my favorite issue, he fights Spanish Harlem's resident Sorcerer Not-So-Supreme, El Gato. Even though he's got energy beams that shoot out of his hands, Omega tries to take El Gato out by throwing a garbage can at him. Understandably pissed, El Gato decides to retaliate the only way he knows how. With his vast legions of mind-controlled alley cats!

Omega seemed to do all right in a fight with the Hulk. Against twenty or so cats? Not so great. How is this possible? From the wizardly hand gesture, it looks like El Gato may have picked up a few tricks from Dr. Strange. So, maybe those are like, some kind of ultra demon cats or something. I doubt it though. All I know is I think it's great.

We can only hope El Gato will return in the new series Marvel has planned. I'd love to see an updated version of this scene. The more cats the better!

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Blogger googum said...

My local shop had a huge run of Defenders in the quarter bins, and I bought a ton of them. Most are really, really, not good. Somewhere in there is Omega's death. It's confusing and grim, but I do kinda miss the old days when Marvel would wrap up even a cancelled book's plot threads.

And is there any way to fight off even 20 cats and look heroic? I wouldn't want news footage of me pummelling Tum-Tum and Mr. Giblets on the local news.

7/06/2006 9:14 AM

Blogger Brandon said...

Good point. Nobody looks heroic smeared with cat blood.

I've read that Steve Gerber's really pissed about the new series Marvel has planned.

7/06/2006 9:47 AM


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